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Real Opportunities for A&D in ASEAN


Recently I was interviewed by Sarah Lockett on market growth in the ASEAN region on behalf of the UK-ASEAN Business Council, producing the documentary, “Britain and South East Asia: Prospects for Growth” shown on The Business Channel. The ten countries…

How prepared are you on the road to automotive growth?

Bejing Auto Show

After suffering for years during and through the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the automotive industry is on a growth track, with 3 percent expansion expected for 2014. While this certainly is good news for the industry, what does…

Is 3D printing ready for the consumer market?

3D printed raspberry

Last month I read about Cambridge-based tech company Dovetailed creating the world’s first 3D printed edible raspberry using flavored gel. That’s the picture here. The firm is also working on apples and pears and each of the fruits can be…

War on pirates: What is the role of IFS Applications?

ad picto

Although you may not read about it every day, the war on pirates is an ongoing battle. NATO’s  counter-piracy project, Operation Ocean Shield, has been so successful that NATO has just announced that it is extending this into 2016. Operation Ocean…

Augmenting reality for best collaborative service

Ar hand

How do you solve complex asset maintenance issues on-site, without actually being on-site? And if the person with all the knowledge is on the other side of the country, or the world, and you immediately need their assistance to assist…

In-Memory Done Right

memory chips

I believe the approach taken by Oracle is the right one. After all, why would we in the software industry learn new tools and skills to develop against a new database when we can get the same benefits as an incremental update to the databases we know well?

How ERP helps you be compliant with quality standards and legislation


As the person responsible for process manufacturing at IFS, I often get asked whether IFS Applications is certified for a particular standard or legislation. It’s a valid question as process manufacturers are under constant pressure from authorities and customers to…

Read this if you’re still managing project cost control in an Excel spreadsheet


If you manage any project that lasts more than two months, it’s normal business practice to have a monthly project review process to look at how the project is performing to ensure that the project is still on track from…

What an article written in 1960 means for 21st Century business agility

Theodore Levitt

What business are you really in? Today, you may be in the aerospace components business. Or the power generation business. Or perhaps you manufacture pumps and fluid handling systems or operate an oil and gas pipeline. For many of us,…

The beauty lies in the simplicity


This post shares a few examples of IFS Quick Reports created by the American company CDF.
The beauty of this solution lies in the simplicity when it comes to extract, present and share data in an easy way.