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Strategy: How Can We Get There?


The problem with strategy is that none of us can predict the future. We all have aims and objectives for our businesses, but how do we translate those into long-term strategic objectives that we can reach? A common reason for…

What can the construction sector learn from other industries?

Crossrail tunnel under construction

Last month I attended the 19th Annual Future of Utilities Conference in London and was part of a panel discussion looking at the topic of effective project management, along with representatives from UK Power Networks and Northern Ireland Water. The…

And the sooner you use enterprise software, the quicker the ROI!


Last week Martin Gunnarsson blogged that “Owning enterprise software doesn’t add value to your business; using it does.” How true that is, and by an amazing coincidence I was at the time attending a go live presentation in China from…

Owning enterprise software doesn’t add value to your business; using it does!

The featuritis curve_s

One important element in the path to innovation is to learn about all the new capabilities in IFS Applications. We can help our customers to add—stepwise and pretty seamlessly—new product innovations to their ERP suite without major business intermission.

Why does business agility matter now more than ever?


Change or die. It is a pretty simple concept!

And that is why IFS is devoting substantial resources (see the first in our series of business agility whitepapers) to making the case for increased business agility, not only in the thinking of executives and the intelligentsia, but in the technology infrastructure that holds an enterprise-class business together.

Why public sector in the United Kingdom should do more than just ‘Think’ Cloud


Public and private sector organizations around the world are increasingly taking advantage of the scalable power of cloud computing. Solutions hosted in private clouds, overflow server capacity available on demand and use of subscription-based software are all finding their place…

PODCAST: Improve the customer experience with service management software


As products themselves become mere commodities, we need to differentiate ourselves through services. And that is more difficult than it sounds, particularly in complex business-t0-business service management settings. Nor is it a simple matter in consumer-facing environments where customers have…

PODCAST: IFS announces wins, go lives in key industries


IFS Applications is a better choice than competing enterprise software products for project-based, service-focused and asset-centric industries. And in this month’s news episode of the IFS Radio Network podcast series, we review recent customer news in sectors including oil and…

IFS: Moving It On

Moving It On

I’ve always believed that when a corporate video really tells a story, maximizing the symbiosis between audio and video, you gain a better feeling about the subject of the story that’s being told. Today it’s much about the experience and…

New NEC case study illustrates the benefits of collaborative working


One of IFS’ most successful business partnerships is with NEC Corporation, the Japanese multinational provider of IT services and products, who is an IFS partner, customer and shareholder. That partnership began in 1998 and we’ve worked closely together since then…