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Like a Field Service Management Superbowl

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It’s like the NFL Playoffs and Superbowl for field service management software!

Be at the ARC Industry Forum, Orlando, on us!


Next month, the 19th annual ARC Industry Forum takes place in Orlando, Florida, from February 9-12. IFS is supporting this event as a Gold Sponsor. If you would like to be part of this three-day event, and if you’re an…

Innovations often arise from mistakes or coincidence


In sports and in the enterprise software business, most new ideas are incremental innovations that only take you forward in small steps. It’s about making change a matter of routine. This is a good example.

Education for All Learning Styles at IFS World Conference 2015

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There is more than one way to learn. Some people do well in a classroom environment. Other people are kinesthetic, and need to be more hands-on. Others need one-on-one interaction. No one method of education will work for everyone in…

The top five Civil Aviation MRO trends to watch out for in 2015


I decided to put on my Google Glasses to see if I could make out the top five trends to make the biggest impact on civil aviation MRO in 2015. Here’s what I saw – I’d be interested if you…

IFS: More than just ERP – Leaders in Field Service Management, too


Gartner has just released its latest Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, and we’re thrilled to be identified as a ‘leader.’ All the investment – as well as blood, sweat and tears – to offer our customers what we believe…

The automotive industry aftermarket is growing again


The 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show took place at the end of November. It’s an amazing showcase for new car models that auto manufacturers plan to unleash upon their global markets in 2015. It’s also a showcase for a segment…

Investing in the oil and gas value chain… any better ideas?


Sitting at breakfast with some drilling veterans at the IADC Annual Meeting in New Orleans in November, I witnessed a strong willingness, almost an eagerness, to attack the coming downturn head on. There were a lot of jokes around the…

Experts debate the future integrated BIM world


On December 5, Construction News ran a webcast with industry experts discussing what managing projects is likely to look like in the future. John Lorimer, Chair of the BIM Academy, gives his views on how project management needs to change.…

The automotive industry had better be ready for more recalls


Data from the SAA suggests a trend toward more automotive recalls. Why is this, and what type of enterprise software will be required for quality management and quality assurance?