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The automotive industry had better be ready for more recalls


Data from the SAA suggests a trend toward more automotive recalls. Why is this, and what type of enterprise software will be required for quality management and quality assurance?

Speed means agility and equals sustainability, CSR


In my previous post in November, I highlighted the importance of speed and agility to retain and gain competitiveness. The other day, we had the opportunity to have an open strategic exchange session with one of our key retail customers.…

What happens after Shared Services?


The concept of shared service centers has been around for a number of years now. But now that they are common, what is the next step to driving out cost from your business? In my post on how to make…

Production data – a potential goldmine for capital-intensive industries


Data collected from production and better collaboration between the various parts of an organization can lead to fewer disruptions, increased utilization of manufacturing resources and more efficient planning. So says one of the founders of IFS, Ulf Stern, in an…

A helping hand for Santa to deliver 120m presents

Santa ERP

IFS calculates Santa’s sleigh travels at 25 times the speed of sound to deliver 120 million presents worldwide Every year Father Christmas sets off from his HQ in Lapland tasked with delivering presents to children the world over. As Santa…

Operational Intelligence – the Game Changer in Energy & Utilities Software

Colin Beaney

Within IFS Applications, operational intelligence (OI) is delivered through the IFS CPM component. This is so much more than business intelligence (BI), this is a model driven approach to blending OI and BI technologies combining the benefits of data and processes in real time to create continuous situational awareness.

Reflections from Sri Lanka


Reflections from Sri Lanka During the past couple of years, our operation in Sri Lanka has played an increasingly significant role in the way we execute on our projects and deliver service to our customers. And there is no doubt…

A Cultural Event: IFS World Conference 2015

Simple Minds_5_004644

As a multinational company, when IFS gets is customers, management, partners and analysts together under one roof, it is more than a professional conclave. It is a cultural event. We want the World Conference to be a truly useful event…

Tier 2 Defense Manufacturers – we’re looking out for you!


In A&D, the manufacturing market is becoming more concentrated. By this I mean we often have multiple, complex relationships between contractors, based on complex contractual agreements and varying levels of capabilities. No wonder that organizations are looking to manage the…

Where did that come from?


Do you know where every number in your financial reports comes from? One of the underlying requirements of finance is to put controls around the transaction to report processes. This is often referred to as R2R or Record-to-Report. There are…