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Is M2M the Real Deal? Exploring the Latest Field Service Trend.


Machine-to-machine (M2M) has been around for years, but you might not know that considering the buzz it is getting today.  Perhaps this is because M2M – fueled by the Internet of Things – is experiencing a massive increase in the…

The potential for augmented reality in construction


The art of building design and construction is one that has always been dictated by the technologies available at the time. Improvements to the materials, tools, vehicles and IT available have all had a significant impact in pushing the boundaries…

The silent BI revolution


According to a recent study completed by IFS and Advantage Business Media, the very largest of companies have the best access at this juncture to built-in BI.

Supply Chain Segmentation – what it is and why it matters

Supply chain segmentation

Two years ago I had the pleasure of participating in Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in London. I joined a couple of presentations about supply chain segmentation that I found really interesting. I went home and wrote a couple of…

Hurrah! We are launching IFS Academy

IFS training

The ability to improve your skills has always been the driver for different exams. With the introduction of IFS Academy, we are making it possible to study and certify yourself on IFS Applications. Initially this program is aimed at our…

WHY do YOU get up in the morning?

Girl that jumps

Since I became a mom, I find myself working at slightly odd hours because I want to spend as much time as possible with my daughter before she goes to bed. When turning down a social activity, more than once…

Field service management: the learning curve

iStock_000009692345XSmall-purple_004994 (1)

Being new to the IFS Corporate Marketing team I am trying to get my head around some of the very powerful and popular management systems. This introduced me to Field Service Management and how it seems companies balance on a…

Remanufacturing and the move towards a circular economy

Circular economy

I’ve spoken before about the importance of post-production services for manufacturers, to ensure they’re getting more out of every asset and better meeting customer demands. What we’re now starting to see is manufacturers thinking about the way in which they’re…

Bending to the Will of Field Service Management – No More!

field service management software

I read an astonishing fact in an infographic published recently by Field Service News:  21% of service organizations admitted to having to fit the way they work around their software.  Forgive my level of shock, but this number seems very…

Where is the risk in your business?


The short answer is – you hope you have some idea! So how are you driving out your corporate risk? No one wants to be in the spotlight like Tesco was last week, announcing that they had overstated profits by…